Process Post W3 – The Online Self

Using my favourite mockup tool, Figma, I mocked out the layout of my website. Here is what i came up with.

Main Navigation

Where you see HOME, BLOG, ACADEMIC is a menu that serves to be my main navigation through the site. Clicking blog will bring all possible blog posts. The academic button serves to group categories such as mini assignments, essays, and process posts for easier marking.

Site Banner

This a banner that should reflect the overall theme and topic of the site. Since my website is stock/market related I will need to create a banner that incorporates those elements.

Recent News

On news sites, they have a moving banner to highlight their most important or recent articles. This may give off a feeling that my site is new related. It may even highlight some important news or pin an article.

Site Content

On the home page, site content will be displayed from all possible categories. The posts here will be organized by date. Each post should have an attractive thumbnail and title to draw users in.

When viewing categorical data, only posts from that category should show, just like a filtering on posts.

Attention and Attractiveness

The goal of the site is for me to motivate myself to write posts about the markets which forces me to do research and keep up with market news. By doing research on what is potentially moving the markets, I wish to compare and contrast views from traditional and nontraditional news sites to form my own view. Along the way, some posts will be able to capture my thoughts on current market events and possibly capture my conviction towards certain equities. What I do not want to do is become a stock guru that recommends equities to people. Simply as a bonus to my readers is to point attention to companies that they may have never heard about before. If they are interested, push them to do their own research on that company.


Thumbnail – Photo by NASA on Unsplash

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