Process Post W2 – Website

Choosing a theme

I first went to and searched with various keywords related to my site such as stock, market, news, market news, and found a theme by

The goals from my vision board was the following

  • simple and easy to see the latest posts
  • easy to filter through tags and categories


Google Analytics

I set up Google Analytics with a plugin by MonsterInsights. The initial setup was a challenge, but after following the video provided by the service I was able to get it up and running. I can now see viewer and visits statistics. Pretty cool.

Stock Quotes

I installed a stock quote plugin that allows me to put shortcodes and up to date stock prices for symbols.

The setup was simple enough. I had to sign up for a free API key to get access to the market data. Here the quote for Apple. Apple Inc. 125.28 -1.57 -1.24%


Most sites have a customized favicon (the icon the appears in the tab of websites)

Here the favicon for Google Search is the Google logo

I went with a green magnification glass as it is symbolic of searching and the colour green because stocks only go up. When stocks are positive or going up they are green. Red for negative or going down.

To do this I look for a free magnifying glass from Next, I popped it into Photoshop, coloured it green and resized it to 512×512 (the favicon dimension).

The end product is this:

So Far So Good

I am finding fascinating that we are developing our cyberinfrastructures and space to host our ideas, thoughts, progress and work.

The Web We Need to Give Students mentions that “student’s work exists only inside a learning management system“, and once the semester is over their progress and work cannot be revisited. It is sealed and locked up.

With PUB101, it gives the students like me the power to customize and try new things with their domain without being restricted by hard rubrics and marking schemes.

Along the way my market research and writings will follow me past the duration of the course and graduation.


Thumbnail – Photo by on Unsplash

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