Process Post W1 – Interactions with Strangers

Week 1 process post response about my interactions with strangers.

My most recent experience related to this topic was interacting with multiple strangers online. My friend organized a game of Among Us with her friends. In short, the game consists of innocent crew members and imposters in a room. The innocent’s goal is to vote out the imposters and the imposture’s goal was to secretly kill off the crewmates while avoiding suspicion of being the killing suspect.

Meetings occur during the game to discuss potential suspicious about each other. Interacting with strangers was quite easy as we were working toward our own objectives that were clearly defined. Over various rounds of the game, we began to be more comfortable with using each other’s names and personalities based on their tone and reactions.

From this experience, I am thinking it’s much easier to form natural interactions when both parties are already in the same environment of interest, that is playing the game of Among Us. This may be the same as if an interactive game was played in person. The common goal formats the foundation of mutuality.

However, online interactions like the physical portrayal of emotion with our bodies such as actions done with our hands and face are lacking. It is not required to have natural interactions but it helps with picking up clues on their interests especially if the other person is a stranger. For example, they may have a keychain on their phone and you recognize the band. Compared to online, you don’t have that luxury. To drive the conversation you may even shoot questions into the dark and hope one can stick, but that can feel unnatural or seem like an interview.

Overall online interactions can be easy when working toward a common task, but it is hard to understand the other party’s demeanour through simple text or voice compared to being physically present.


Thumbnail – Photo by Deva Darshan on Unsplash

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