Process Post W6 – Publics/Digital Publics

The audience I originally envisioned is people who would learn about companies they would have never heard of before or inform on how or why such a company is still relevant today. However, the content on my site so far has been current news events on the markets and not much about company research. This is because of the market volatility occurring from the past couple of weeks in a shaky market. As result, I have been focusing my attention on stable and known companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. I can probably write blog posts on why I continue to hold them regardless of where the market goes.

Because I have also spent a lot of time on /r/wallstreetbets my content has been influenced by what is trending on the subreddit such as GameStop and weed. I have also designed my blog site to be a sort of a meme and that I should not be taken too seriously. For example, my banner:

So, moving forward I think I want to turn my blog into a fun place around investing and give insight to wallstreetbets memes that would otherwise not make sense outside of the space. Also, continue to update on what I am focused on a weekly basis. To push this forward do a meme or collections of memes of the week, and “what I’m watching for this week” for blog posts.

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