Process Post W4 – Editing & Genres

After writing my blog and process posts, I do my best to explain or link out to the stock market and equities concepts. Financial literacy is important is was not taught to me through Highschool or University. I learned market concepts and vocabulary step by step by learning and researching terms new terms I have never encountered before. By linking out to resources that explain these concepts very well, I hope my readers can also build out their own financial literacy through the topics I discuss or review.

Staying objective on reporting and stating my thoughts as opinion clearly is important when it comes to discussing stocks and market news. A lot of new investors can be naïve and do not do their own due diligence and research and blindly follow convincing individuals because they do not know any better. I review my posts to ensure I do not write from heavy bias and discuss the news as reported then offer my opinion on it at the end of the article. I am mostly a bullish person and would likely not write content related to a companies downfall, but I must acknowledge that there are potential ups and downs for any public company.

Overall, I strive to have my site’s content to be relevant to current events and objective with my opinion clearly defined. Within each article, I hope my audience can find the links I add to build and promote financial literacy.


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