Blog Post #1 – About Me and This Blog

Hello, my name is Jonathan. I am a 4th SFU Computer Science student. I plan to graduate at the end of this semester in April 2021.

This blog exists to capture my work and publications for PUB101The Publication of Self in Everyday Life

The topics I will focus on will be the course content and the US & Canada stock market. (mostly the US because it is more exciting) Disclaimer


A quick disclaimer to say I am not a financial advisor. None of the content on this site should is to be taken as any financial value or advice. Everything I write is based on my opinion and experience.

So why the stock market?

My investing adventure started in 2018 after my first coop. I started with no foundation on how investing worked. I went the self-directed route and learned from online resources.

I first started with the popular Canadian robot advisor Wealthsimple. In short, Wealthsimple took the burden of stocking picking away from you and invested it based on your risk and values. Although it was not the full market experience, it was the fastest and easiest way to participate and experience the markets.

It wasn’t soon until I opened a brokerage account and picked up my first couple of shares of public companies such as Intel (INTC) and Microsoft (MSFT). I have to admit the choices had no fundamental grounds or methodology. Simply, my computer used an Intel processing chip operating on the Windows operating system.

Since then, I have acquired more companies into my stock portfolio. However, a simple reason for owning Microsoft like being part of my computer is insufficient and not financially smart. Microsoft has a $1.6 Trillion market capitalization (as of 01/19/2021) for several reasons. In this blog, I will try my best to develop a deeper understanding of companies I own and ones that I do not, to expand growth opportunities. I will explore things like what these companies do, who their customers are, how they operate, who their competitors are, etc.

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