Process Post W11 – Multiple Channels, Multiple Media

Transmedia storytelling is being able to tell a story through various mediums, or platforms with technology. Pokémon is a great example of transmedia storytelling, highlighted in this post, Pokemon As Transmedia Storytelling. From my experience with pokemon, the story is told through various channels and not just through the game. One channel is through video games on multiple platforms such as the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wiis, and their latest console, the Nintendo Switch. Other channels include comic books, tv shows, and the Pokémon trading card game.

I wonder if there is any inspiration I can pull from Nintendo’s Pokémon, and apply it to transmedia for my blog that primarily focuses on stock and market news. The most valuable channel I would want to add to my blog is video through YouTube via short clips, highlighting news in the most concise and digestible format. CNBC Television posts snippets of news that gets aired on cable onto Youtube on the broad market. Since I am small and do not have a research team I could start small and focus on covering news on a small set of high conviction stocks that I have.

Within each video, I will utilize stock images and videos to produce stock-specific or stock summary videos. I will do a voice-over on talking points of market highlights and show relevant images and sources. To link the two channels to form my transmedia storytelling, I can link my YouTube videos to my blog for more detailed information where I expand on my talking points I discussed in the video.

Transparency and public showing your portfolio in the stock market are very much respected when you are bullish on something because actions speak louder than words. I feel posting my stock portfolio by percentage weight if my viewers interested, would be another channel to show what kind of investor I am. From a stock portfolio you critic portfolio diversification, and begin to understand what kind of sectors or companies or interests an investor may have. It could reflect whether I am a retail investor or a trend and hype investor. Having a public portfolio allows viewers to feel more relatable as I am transparent with my actions.

I believe YouTube videos that provide market summaries, paired with my blog for additional information, and my public portfolio that provides more personality will become my channels of transmedia storytelling.


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