Process Post W10 – Revisiting Analytics, SEO and Audience Growth

Taking a look at my MonsterInsights (below), I have a good average of 0 viewers and occasionally 1 view when it comes to peer reviews. The spike on April 6th is just me visiting my own site doing maintenance.

Since there is not much of a viewership, here are some of the most interesting details I found through MonsterInsights and Google Analytics:

  • 100% of viewership is through a web browser on a desktop computer.
  • 2 viewers from the United States
  • 1 viewer from Russia
  • 1 viewer from Finland

What stood out to me was a view from Russia and Finland. Perhaps it was a bot crawling by or someone accidentally clicking or even a fellow student from PUB 101.

Importance of SEO

I have never used Google Analytics before, but being able to see the statistics behind a website can be very powerful. There so many powerful tools here that Google Analytics offers. The audience tab can be very informative to understand my audience and their characteristics when viewing my content. In writing, I was taught that knowing your audience is the most important idea to know before you started writing. With enough data, I can cater or focus on topics of specific genres or areas on which may become the most successful ones. This also empowers me to experiment with new content and use data to see if it is worth continuing.

Identifying trends and catering content towards can also boost attractiveness to my site. If GameStop is trending, it would be beneficial to research into GameStop and expressing my opinion on the matter. There is a chance the people’s interests in the topic lead them to my site. If the new traffic likes my content and shares my opinion that will help with retention. If that is the case the data will be able to show it in theory.


Thumbnail – Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

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