Peer Review #3 – The Digital Dystopia

In this peer review the focus is on website marketability to the intended audience group with The Digital Dystopia.

Site Theme and Design

With the limited knowledge of the show, Black Mirror, the theme fits the site well. The theme is very simple and not more complicated than it needs to be. Colours do not need to be complicated and black and white are appropriate. Muli is the only font is used throughout the entire site and it is easy to read on a white background. White space is used nicely and the content is centred. The images are black and white and all images are consistently sized.

Rating System

The rating system is conveniently located in the navigation bar in case a user wants to know more about the rating system. The rating system is simply described and is easy to understand.

Review Posts

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Each post has relevant thumbnails to the topic, The Digital Dystopia writes about. Most importantly, the thumbnails to Black Mirror episode reviews are pictures from the episode itself because a Black Mirror watcher will be able to easily identify which episode is being reviewed from the title and from the post thumbnail.

Within each review, The Digital Dystopia offers their own opinion and interpretation of the Black Mirror episode with thoughtful insights. When there are any discussions of concepts, companies, and examples that may require additional readings, there are links to sources that will provide more context. This is done well, especially when comparing episode concepts to real-world companies or entities in Review #7: Smithereens.

Linking to episodes being discussed in reviews

Within each episode review, there are links to the episode being reviewed. As a bonus, whenever other reviews are mentioned they are also linked to the previously written review. This offers convenience to the viewer so they do not need to go looking for the review that is mentioned.

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Just like every Black Mirror episode that leaves viewers thinking, an “Essential Question” is posted at the end of every review. This encourages engagement and discussion with the community of The Digital Dystopian readers.


The audience is obvious and the content is aimed towards Black Mirror watchers who seek a review, recap or a different perspective on episodes. However, I do see an opportunity where The Digital Dystopia can expand their audience to not only Black Mirror but other series as well. Black Mirror explores concepts to the extreme but leaves it at that to never revisit again. Like in Review #7: Smithereens, another Netflix series, “Social Dilemma” was linked and related to this episode, The Digital Dystopia can expose its audience to recommended or related content they believe is relevant. Perhaps Netflix has an affiliate program and pays for sites to recommend users to their series if such exists. This would be a good example of advertising without having to fully review it through affiliate links mentioned in The Digital Dystopia would also be able to further understand what other series or content its community is interested in.

For new visitors who do not know of Black Mirror, I do recommend linking Netflix’s Black Mirror series in the “About Page” as well in the reviews if that is appropriate.


The Digital Dystopia is a great environment for new and existing Black Mirror watchers to gain another perspective behind each Black Mirror episode as the content in the series is very open for discussion. Reviews pose additionally important and interesting questions to be further discussed in the comments section and encourage engagement. If you ever find yourself watching Black Mirror do not hesitate to check out The Digital Dystopia to satisfy your appetite for more Black Mirror.

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