Peer Review #2: design

First Impressions

The site for the peer review #2 is

At first glance, I can easily tell that the public of the blog is for fashion. As a guess, the content is likely what Javiera wears and her thoughts on fashion from her perspective which is very close to the content of this blog.

How I am Reviewing

I will be reviewing the design of the blog on a 27″ desktop screen and on an iPhone 12.

I have broken my review by components of the blog that stand out to me.

A lot of my review highlights “nice to haves” as most of us are using premade WordPress templates and can be technical challenges to implement.

Front Page

Scrolling down the page the off-centred text under the images looks odd to me. Centring them and perhaps making them clickable would be a good addition.

off centered text
centered text

Some simple CSS:

figcaption {
    text-align: center;



Navigation is clean and simple. If I wanted to learn more about the blog the ‘About Me’ is in plain sight. Content is organized and tagged accordingly.

Inter-post Navigation

I barely noticed this functionality of being able to navigate between posts on the side. They only appear when you scroll down enough.

inter-post navigation

Site Banner & Social Links

The site banner stands out and is easy to read which makes it memorable from the colour choices.

The social links work and link to their respective platforms. The icons seem to be at a fixed size. When they are displayed on large screens, the icons can appear very small. Dynamic sizing of these icons would require CSS knowledge of media queries.

If possible, adding social links to the bottom would be a good addition.

Post Carousel

The post carousel that auto-scrolls is a great place to allow viewers to sample the latest posts and topics on the blog without overwhelming them with content.

The auto-scrolling is great but does not stop when hovering over a post. In the scenario I am hovering post and wanting to click it, the carousel quickly jumps. As a result, I have to keep track of where the post I wanted to go to went. Ideally, the carousel will freeze on a hover.

For posts in the carousel, the thumbnail and post title is displayed well. However, I found the “click into” experience to be inconsistent as it varies based on the length of the title of the post. To make it more consistent, both the thumbnail and post title can be made clickable.

On the mobile side, the carousel navigation is hard to read. The bullets are very similar in shades.


I found only two fonts on the site. Cormorant Garamond for site titles and Montserrat for tags and blog post content. They are both is legible and within the number of recommended fonts to have.

The only problem with fonts I found was on mobile. I noticed that the font for the menu when collapsed differs from the menu items.


The viewing experience is simple and clean. I like the whitespace on the sides which brings focus to the content of the post.


In some posts, I found some images were centred and some were not. Some examples are:

However these photos are centered:

Photos can be centred for consistency across posts and not look like they’re leaning left.

Replying to Posts

The ‘posting a comment’ experience has a gap in it. I found that if I after read a post and I wanted to comment, I would have to scroll a lot more to reach the text box. If possible swapping the recommendations and post reply box would remove this gap.


Javiera Guevara does a great job at portraying the goal of her fashion blog at first glance. Navigation is simple and well organized. Posts and content are displayed cleanly with great use of white space to focus the reader’s attention. If you’re into fashion keep up with Javiera at her at

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