Mini Assignment #3 – Stock Candle Story of Emotions

Here each candlestick represents a week in the stock market. I went back to try to summarize the emotions and sentiment of the stock market since January 2020 throughout its journey through COVID19 up to GameStop hitting top headlines in February 2021.

Going back through the headlines reminded since January 2020, the markets only cared about vaccines, stimulus, and earnings reports. It has been a huge emotional rollercoaster expressed in stock market news articles. They cannot stick to one sentiment of being bullish or bearish. The stock market continued to thrive despite the economy being in chaos and record-breaking COVID cases in January.

Images Sources

Happy New Year 2020 –

Freefall –

Whisper –

Question mark –

Panic –

Store closed –

Bear –

Stop sign –

Cash –

Bull –

Rollercoaster –

Reopenning –

Wave –

Work from home –

Fire –

Crying –

vaccine –

Truck –

Biden –

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