Essay #2 – My Publications Experience

This Fall I started a blog to experience publications around my interest in stocks, market news and equities. Throughout the process, I gained practical experience in creating and managing a blog directed to my public. In parallel to learning about publications, I also learned more about the stock-related content I was discussing. In this post, I will detail what I created and describe my experience behind it.

Firstly, WordPress has been a valuable tool to achieve convenient site management, blogging tools, and plugins. I was able to achieve the theme I wanted, accompanied by my CS background and minimal need for code to customize my blog.

The initial focus of the blog was around stock analysis, individual stocks, and providing my own opinion on current stock-related events. I found that existing publications around these topics can get technical which alienates readers that are not as financially literate. I aimed to present topics in a beginner-friendly and fun way by linking to well-explained resources and sometimes add relevant memes. As a side effect, readers would have the opportunity to raise their financial literacy as well as get informed on events occurring in the market. The targeted public is investors of any experience who want to get informed on hand-picked pieces of market news, and engage in civilized discussions around bearish or bullish thoughts on a piece of news or stock as well as learn about new market concepts along the way.

The results from the posts after 4 months primarily discussed current events with the focus on GameStop, and /r/wallstreetbets. In between publishing, I focused my efforts on market news and did not move forward with stock analysis because there were too many interesting topics to cover for process and blog posts. I did not achieve fulfilling the stock analysis part of my goal, but I have achieved covering current market news. Market news offers more value because it can be useful historic resources to judge market behaviour when similar events happen in the future. This may lead to capitalizing on opportunities we have not seen before.

To show that my content should not be taken too seriously or act as financial advice, I wanted a good site banner to reflect that feeling. Using Adobe Photoshop, Stonks meme, and the candlesticks of Tesla’s stock price from my favourite tool, Trading View, resulted in the current banner above. I believe that this gives the impression that stocks should be fun, not scary nor boring. Here I strived to offer news for educational purposes as well as grow my understanding of market concepts. Here I can share, explain, and discuss content from a learner’s perspective. Early in the publishing, I highlighted my favourite tools and investment apps for beginners and tried my best to explain the pros and cons avoiding language that would imply that there is only one tool or answer, so users can make their own informed decisions.

In the process post, Revisiting Analytics, I took a look at my Google Analytics and Monster Stats. There were not many conclusions to make from little to no comment engagement and viewership. The most interesting was seeing 1 view from Russia and 1 view from Finland. When peer reviews came around, I got an increased viewership of 1 to 2. Despite low viewership, I explored the tools and statistical monitoring of Google Analytics and understand how this information can influence a blog’s direction and how potentially useful it is to project, plan, and understand the viewer base.

Looking back, the process and experience of managing my own publications site were very fun and a new experience. The experience has opened a new perspective when viewing articles or blog posts as their content may be directed to specific publics or a group of people. I also have to gain more insight and appreciation behind online authors and their efforts to create content and manage and optimize their viewership. Moving forward, I still want to focus on doing stock analysis and publishing it to see gain the perspectives of the public, but that will take more effort and time to plan how I want to represent it. Doing so will back up my bullish points behind companies I invest in with technical analysis which will make my convictions stronger so I can confidently continue to hold or invest in these companies further. As for this blog, I will likely take it offline and host it locally. This will remove all possible user engagement, but will still serve as my personal publication space.


Thumbnail – Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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